Monday, October 10, 2005

Update: The Boy

Well, I've always known my son is brilliant, but now we are seeing real evidence! Not only is he walking, but he has also mastered the signs for "More" and "Please" which he uses at meal times. I think I'll work on "drink" and "food" next. "Milk" would be helpful, but it is a difficult one to help him with, as it is the motion one uses to milk a cow. Speaking of cows, he knows where the cow, horse, and chicken go in his Fisher Price Little People Farm set (curtesy of Uncle Ryan and Aunt Cree). Although, he likes to put people in the chicken nest too, and make it cluck. He's understanding a lot more spoken words, too. I can tell him to go get a book, and he does it. And he LOVES books, when he want's to be read to (which is often), he holds the book up to you and says, "Enh?" Yep, the boy's a genius.


Mainline Mom said...

That is pretty cool. I can tell how well Nathan is understanding me these days.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

it's great when those words start to make sense to them, once they start it happens really fast after that.

MCANDOU said...

So how/when did you start signing with him? Is there a good book to use? Just wondering.

mrtl said...

Awesome boy genius!!

Funny - "more" was harder for Bug to manage (two hands) than "milk." Maybe because she always is holding something, which got in the way of the sign.

"Help" and "hurt" are good early ones. I'm kicking myself for not teaching "hurt" earlier than we did.