Thursday, November 17, 2005

Absentee Blogger

Sorry I haven't been around much....I have many irons in the fire. And not enough time to cook.

Here's the down-low:
The Boy, he's not napping well, due to molars (blast you molars!!)
The Winter, it came a bit sooner than expected, so....
The Hat & Mittens I'd been planning on making The Boy, they needed to be made NOW (they are finished, AND adorable, pictures to follow)
And with the Many Chapters of the Bible that I need to read for my Discipleship Class at church, let's just say that there isn't much time for anything else.

Today, The Boy FINALLY slept a full three hour nap in the afternoon (thank you, Lord!) and I was able to get caught up on my class reading and finish most of a mitten.

Thankfully, I have two weeks off from class, so I'll be able to get a jump on my next project: Isaac's Christmas present. Through the fine art of salvaging, I have rescued not just a child's chair, but a child's RECLINER chair, which is in desperate need of new everything. I need to strip it, strengthen the frame, make a pattern, and recover it, while learning how to sew piping onto stuff. I did get adorable fabric today for it, and with my 40%off coupon from JoAnn Fabrics, I got a killer deal. Hopefully, I'll have enough extra to make a pillow, too. All by Christmas. Shouldn't be too much trouble ;)


rachael said...

hey, hon! i read you all the time, i just never think to comment.

i promise to do better. :-) can't wait for pictures of hat and mittens!

Redhead Mommy said...

rachel, I've totally been bad, because I haven't been to see you lately, and so i really have no room to whine. I'll check in on you this week, promise!