Friday, November 11, 2005

A new look for The Boy

Well, after much, much, MUCH messing around with HTML and CSS and a bunch of other letters that I really don't understand, but play with anyway, I've finally redesigned The Boy's blog. For some reason, the mastehead is blurry, and I'm not sure how to fix it. Still working on that, but if you know how, please, by all means, LET ME KNOW!!!

Anyway, he was up at 3 AM this morning....ugh. I'm not certain why that is, but I do know that he got some shots on Wednesday at his well-baby check-up and he's also getting two more molars and his eye teeth now. He just wanted to snuggle with me when I went in to check on nothing is seriously wrong, he just seems to have some issues.

But, sleep-deprived mommy + very whiney boy = a very hard time getting the house cleaned in time for company this weekend!

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Mainline Mom said...

Very nice new look!