Monday, November 07, 2005

Why do I bother buying toys?

Life here has settled down a bit now, and my son is back to his favorite toys. The Boy has a ton of toys, both new and "retro" (a gift from Cousin Bubby). And some of them he plays with some of the time. But there are a few that he revisits again and again, never getting tired of them. Here they are:

1)Socks, rolled Cost: $1.30
2)Socks, unrolled Cost: see above
3)Lids from glass jars, washed Cost: $.05 (approx)
4)Twixit Clips from the Pampered Chef, large size Cost: Pack of 10 $4.75
5)Empty plastic bottles (water, pop, etc.) Cost: $.10 (Refund in Michigan)
6)Racquet Balls Cost: Who knows? We've had them forever!
7)Empty laundry baskets Cost: $5-10


MCANDOU said...

Right now the newspaper seems to be quite popular with Cooper. Like you once said buy yourself something and give him the box. I agree with that statement if only my wife would take it to heart.

Pampered Chef said...

This is so funny. I often find my Pampered Chef Twixit Clips in my sons toy box. He uses it to tie blankets on his body to make a superman cape.


Netpowersoft said...
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