Sunday, January 29, 2006

Death-bed-January update

That is what I have decided to call this month, the fateful beginning of 2006. We started with the upper respitory infection (URI) from hell and ended with a roda virus, which meant that last Tuesday, the day before the freaky Goth-guy incident, The Boy had his usual morning milk, then proceeded to yack repeatedly all over the living room carpet, and the kitchen linoleum (I moved him for the last couple times, no need to have more mess than neccessary on the carpet, right?). From then on there has been no puking, only really disgusting diapers of a liquid nature, and even worse surprises in the morning when he's spent the night in the same diaper. ick ick ick.

And, the little dearheart passed some of it onto me, and so along with the URI, I got to add stomach cramps and quick dashes to the bathroom. Sorry, TMI.

On the up side, I finally caved and went to the doctor on Friday, got some antibiotics, and am almost over the URI. Dear roda seems to have left the building, although Isaac is still suffering from that a bit. But the diaper rash that always accompanies diahrea is gone (I swear by feeding him yogurt and applying Aquafor, along with an occasional oatmeal bath). His doctor says 5-7 days, so hopefully we're almost done with that.


Susan said...

Hey, we had that stomach thing last week! It stinks! In every possible way.

And--the first time Henry ever had the stomach flu, it went down like this: drink big cup of milk. Get in Mommy's car. At stoplight nowhere NEAR home, cry inconsolably. Throw up all over back seat.

Ick. Feel better!

Chesty said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Visiting from Michele's.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

awww, your poor little guy.

Mainline Mom said...

I took your advice and found the Aquafor and it worked AWESOME. Thanks!