Thursday, February 02, 2006

Don't count your chickens....

I said we were doing better, right? Wrong. Monday morning the Boy woke up vomiting, and by afternoon was barely moving and had a fever, but we gave him some Motrin and he perked up and ate a little dinner. Monday night he woke at 11:30 to vomit, 2am to vomit and have severe stomach cramps (which is when I called our ped's helpline, who said that unless he's inconsoleable, to wait until the next day to take him in), and 6am crying nonstop for a half hour with stomach cramps (you could feel his whole body tense up). We took him into the doctor at noon, and she admitted him to the hospital for dehydration. Once there, he got an IV put in his arm (quite unpleasant), but he didn't throw up again, and he slept through the night, which is more than I can say for his dad and I. When the doctor came in the next day, she noticed one of his ears was reddish inside, but didn't want to give him an antibiotic for fear of upsetting his stomach again, but she did discharge us.

Once we got home, it was obvious his appetite was returning, but we had to be careful what we gave him, and, he wouldn't drink anything. But he was cranky. We put him to bed early, and he went to bed without any complaint, but then woke up at 11:30 crying. He was hungry, and ate most a banana and some Cheerios, but didn't sleep long. He was up at 2am, ate another banana, but never went back to sleep. This morning he started pulling at his ear. We gave him some Motrin, which seem to have helped, but are going to the doctor (fourth time in four weeks!) at 2pm.

The good news is that the diahrea seems to be going, no more fever, and he still has wet diapers. The bad news is that he now seems to have another infection, and has little interest in drinking (although he drank down a whole cup of juice/water early this morning, but that's it) anything.

So, three nights of little to no sleep, and I believe I'm fighting off a bit of his virus myself. Terry has stayed home from school three days and cancelled most of his voice lessons afterschool as well, and is also going on little to no sleep.

This has to end sometime, right?

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Mainline Mom said...

Wow I totally thought my kid's neverending sickness was the worst, but you got me beat. We never had to go to the hospital and we never really lost any sleep, except a couple hours the night he kept throwing up. But three weeks and two doctor's visits, and a tired, cranky, sick kid. I feel for ya.