Thursday, February 16, 2006

A relapse

Yes, he seems to have caught the icky stomach virus AGAIN. I'm thinking it he might have gotten it from church this time. We are under a self-imposed quarantine this week, but after a few days on the the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast...expect he doesn't do rice, so I guess it's BAT), it seems to be under control, although he's still tired and not himself just yet.

We were supposed to go see my parents this weekend, but since my mom's got a cold, THERE'S NO WAY!! I never used to be a germ freak...but now, after the last seven weeks....I may be a convert. I am so tired of having nothing else to talk about, so tired of being bottled up in the house, so tired of feeling crappy and my son feeling crappy. It's been a very rocky start to the new year for us...but hopefully things will be looking up soon. In the meantime, I'll be living vicariously through all of you out there in the blogosphere!


Three's Company said...

ah hang in there. Don't forget to spray /wash the toys. Also, something I'm not very good about myself is remembering to wash my own hands after I wipe someone's nose (I know, gross!!) but we all get sidetracked. Spring is just around the corner.

Daddy D said...

I work at a school, with all those nasty kids and their germs....ewww...I don't wanna know what i bring home daily...

fortunatly our little one hasn't been sick too often.....yet.

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

Chief Slacker said...

Stupid stomach virus!!! I had taht not to long ago. Sucks ACE!! Hope all is well!