Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Me, my husband, my son, oh yeah, and my BELLY!!`

Holy Crap am I pregnant. You know it's bad when you hear comments like this, "Redhead, have you had your glucose testing done yet?" (This from the woman who had a vision of me being pregnant before I'd even taken the test, yeah, I take what she says seriously), me: "No, WHY???", her: "Oh, no reason, just wondering." I stare at her intently. Her: "Well, I'm just wondering if there is a reason you got so big so fast." And from another friend, "Redhead, have you popped out a lot lately?" Don't worry, I am not at all offended by either comment, because they are both good friends, and they are only commenting on the TRUTH. Here I was happily dreaming of normal sized babies, proud that I haven't been nearly as big as I was with The Boy, and KAPOW! I'm pretty sure the little girl is on par with her older brother now.....sigh. Anyone want to place a bet for the weight of this one?

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Mainline Mom said...

Oh man. So not looking forward to being big.