Saturday, August 05, 2006

Holy Breast, Batman!

I recently read this article about the above cover picture of BabyTalk magazine this month. While I am not the "just let it all hang out" kind of gal, and am uncomfortable about nursing in public (mostly because I'm a clutz and am afraid of flashing people), I see nothing wrong with the cover photo. In fact, I was so outraged by the article, especially the use of terms like "horrified" and "gross" that I emailed the magazine to show my support. Why is it that we don't bat an eye at the sexually explicit stuff that is flung at us from every direction, and yet are offended by a picture on a parenting magazine of a baby nursing. I mean, Pizza Hut uses sex to sell it's product, and yet a photo (and a clean one, at that) of a breast actually being used as it was designed to be used is called gross and horrifying. Morons.


Susie said...

just saying hi. i think the photo is sweet and beautiful. Congrats on the house and may time fly until your daughter arrives :)

Mainline Mom said...

I saw the article too and was infuriated. I think the photo is very sweet.