Friday, August 04, 2006

Let's breath a collective sigh of relief

Good news:
1. We are all moved in
2. The landlord was so impressed with the condition we left the place in, we are recieving much of our cleaning deposit back.
4. We have a yard!
5. Isaac loves the place, and is having very few problems with the new room.
6. Our air-conditioners were expertly installed by my dad, so the heat wave here in Michigan was tolerable.
7. We have had a ton of help from my dad and sister, and Terry's dad and step mom. All their help has saved us a lot of time and energy-Thank you all so much!!

Bad news:
1. Have I mentioned that I'm freaking huge? No, really. At 30 weeks, I was measuring 35 cm. I'm now 32 weeks, and look full term- seriously.
2. We have had several water line and drain issues in our basement. The drain is fixed, but two water pipes now need to be fixed (Monday).
3. I'll have no dryer until Monday, as well. This makes laundry (which desperately needs doing) a bit more difficult.
4. Because of serious amounts of wasteds space in our kitchen, we are struggling to find places to put everything.
5. Have I discussed all the boxes?

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ieatcrayonz said...

Yay! Congratulations. A home of your own is a happy home even with leaky pipes, no dryer, and an impending pregnancy.