Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Lesson in Speaking Too Soon

So, what? I posted last Sunday night. yep, Monday morning I woke with a VERY LARGE tonsil in my throat, aches all over, and a headache to boot. Strep throat. I seem to have a weakness for this particular illness. I had it six months ago (when I was pregant) but we caught it so early, there wasn't a lot of discomfort. Not so this time.

Seriously, I have been laying on the couch for three days, or bundled under blankets in bed, drooling onto my pillow because swallowing is the worst kind of torture. First freezing cold, about an hour later boiling hot and sweating....really, I was quite aromatic. The first dose of amoxicillan was strong enough, I woke this morning with BOTH sides of my throat hurting, and a general feeling of defeat. Lucky for me, my Dr. is also a good friend of mine, and I can call her at home and let her know it ain't working...or, my husband can call her, because I've been barely able to speak with the pain. So, a stronger perscription, and a lovely shot in the butt of some really strong antiobiotic. The kicker is, I cannot take steroids, which would reduce the swelling, because I'm nursing Lydie dear. I imagine it will take them a while to return to their normal non-golf ball size.

I'm usually very dilligent when it comes to sore throats,since I still have my tonsils, and getting them removed at this point in my life doesn't sound fun. I only had a barest whisper of one on Sunday. I would have called on Monday, anyway. But I completely got blindsided. I mean, I went to bed Sunday feeling fine, Monday I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a car.

So, my poor, sweet husband, took of two days last week because he was dog sick (just aches, no strep), we had a snow day Monday, and he as also taken Tuesday and today off to take care of the kids while I sat like a lump on the couch. Thankfully, he's a teacher, so he can take sick days and we don't lose money. But it's been a long seven days in the Redhead Mommy household. I think he'll be returning to work tomorrow. The shot hurt like...well, it hurt, but it was worth it. My throat still hurts, but I now longer have to grap onto something and brace myself as a force fluid into my body.

And as an added bonus: two small cold sores. I'm on top of them with abreeva...they should go away quickly. GRRR!!!


emily said...

oooh I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Saying a little prayer for a speedy recovery for you. Did you lose any power this week? We were out on tuesday only, thankfully. Get better soon!

sometrouble said...

that last comment was from me...was signed into the wrong google account. oops.