Sunday, January 14, 2007

Oh, the joy of wireless blogging

I have to say, my husband and I have been blessed over and over again since we moved into our house. I don't think we've done anything to deserve it, but I'm thankful to Him, all the same. Let's see, we wanted a wooden swing set for Isaac-boy....we got a used/reconditioned one at no cost to us. We were looking to buy a used home gym, one has been given to us. And, we were desperately wanting to replace our computer, which coughed and sputtered each time we asked something new of it. We were given a three year old computer AND a laptop. All of these we received from our more-than-generous relatives. And there have been many other very helpful and generous gestures made. We have recieved huge amounts of help with our house from our families as well. We really cannot thank everyone enough, and so here, we say a big THANK YOU!!! to everyone, and we love you all so much.

But enough gushing....I told you all that to tell you that with the laptop, and the purchase of a pretty inexpensive wireless card, I can now blog from anywhere in my home, or anywhere that has wireless capabilities!! When we signed up for DSL, we also got a wireless router, and so...I can blog from the freaking toilet if I want...but I won't, I promise....

And so I am now blogging from my bed, as my dear husband snoozes.(poor guy had the flu last week, I've never known him to take two full days off of work due to illness. And, miracle of miracles, I didn't catch it. knock on wood) I cannot sleep just yet, because stupid me had Coke to drink with my dinner. Bad Redheaded Mommy, bad!

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Mainline Mom said...

I love wireless blogging. Except that now my husband does NOTHING but sit on his laptop in the family room and blog all night.