Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Freaky Baby Monitor Story

William over at Poop and Boogies recently told about a mysterious cry his wife heard over the baby monitor....it reminded me of something that happened with us about a month ago. But first, some background:

I believe ghosts and other such paranormal type things exist. Most of you who know me personally, probably know that. If you didn't, now you do. I have a terrible fear of the dark, coupled with a strong imagination...yes, and I believe in ghosts...great combo, right? We lived in an old house a few years ago that I was convinced had something going on in it. Our cats acted SO CRAZY while we lived there (especially with the basement), and immediately calmed down once we moved to a different place. I always felt like someone was watching me when I was in the basement.

The house we bought in August is an older home...I'm guessing 1920s. I love it, but I've been watching our cats very closely. Old house = possible ghosts, right? The cats seem quite relaxed here, and so I have been thinking probably no other worldly activity. But I'm not totally convinced, especially now.

About a month ago, I woke in the middle of the night to hear music coming over our son's baby monitor. It actually sounded like country music, although I couldn't hear any specific words, just the style. I woke Terry up (he loves it when I do that), and asked him if he heard it. "wha? no......" So I listened some more, let my head clear, and still I heard music. I figured it was our monitor picking up another signal, which they are known to do. But, I went and checked Isaac's room anyway. Remember, I am not convinced we don't have other guests. So I went into his room, and, I swear it....I heard music playing in his room. Country music. Radio was off. I walked around and looked for it...started praying furiously, and it stopped. When I went back to our room, I couldn't hear it on the monitor anymore either.

Great, now I've creeped myself out again. great.


WILLIAM said...

Those monitors are creepy, but if you heard it in the actual room...even creepier.

Carmi said...

I've had enough weird-out moments in my life that I've got to believe that there's Something out there. What that precise Something is, I have no idea. But it exists, and it makes for some fun life moments sometimes.

I think the spirits are friendly anyway.

BTW, thanks for your question on my blog. My camera is a Nikon D80. My old SLR was a Nikon as well, so I wanted to continue using my old lenses with the new cam. I also love the feel of a Nikon. It's otherworldly. I can navigate it with my fingers...which makes for much more fun shooting.

I test-shot the Rebel XTi as well. I liked it, and frankly it's just as capable of excellent images as the D80 is. In the end, my Nikon bias won out, but I'd be bringing home killer images no matter what I had purchased.

The photog matters more than the camera, I firmly believe.

If I can help in any way as you get closer to a decision, let me know.

susan said...

LOL You would be so fun to mess with! (yeah, I'm kinda rotten like that) I've heard that those baby monitors can pick up signals from other monitors in different houses. Any possibility that could be it? It's possible it was from another time/space but in this instance I have to wonder...

Reading the previous comment, it sounds like you are looking for a new camera? We are partial to Nikon as well. I shoot with my D100 and just love it.

AND I love those sweet little faces on the new banner. :)