Friday, February 23, 2007

Stuff Portrait Frida

 Kristina over at Random and Odd wanted to see our lists. Well, here's my list that I wrote YESTERDAY. yeah, sick children are not conducive to productive days. And since he has this stomach bug, I am on Potty Red Alert because I have heard so many stories about how kids will regress in their potty training when they have bowel issues. So far, so good. But, here is my list, and probably more information than you really wanted.
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Christie said...

happy spf :)
I played

susan said...

You write the same kind of lists I do. I can't just write, clean kitchen...I have to get the little details in there. (although I posted my daughter's list instead of mine today!)

I hope everyone's healthy soon.

Connie said...

My hubby writes lists like that, of all the stuff he has to do during the day. I played too.

Arlene said...

I hope your baby is feeling better!!

I played too!