Thursday, February 22, 2007

yada yada yada

Really, I have nothing much to post about. There's been a lot going on with people close to me, and so I have been very emotionally invested in their lives for the last few weeks. Although I would love to write about both situations, I'm not sure I should. Maybe I'll do a generic post concerning the issue (yes, they both were dealing with a common issue) later.

In better news: my husband has been busting his butt to redo our basement room, and he is almost done. He painted and is cutting the carpet, and should be done soon. We were given a home gymn a while ago, and this room will be its new home, along with a table for my scrapbooking. We have an old TV we plan to put down there, and will still have room for an air mattress if we need it. I'll be able to take the kids down there to play while I work out, or scrapbook, or whatever.

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