Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Vacation's Over

Well, at least it felt like a vacation. My husband, the teacher, had two "snow" days this week. Not because of snow, but because of sub-zero temperatures in the morning when kids are walking and waiting for the bus. It was very nice to have him home, and I actually got to sleep in one of those days, until 9am!! (lydia overslept as well, and I let her!! hehe)

What else has happened? Isaac is progressing nicely in his potty training endevours....he even stayed dry all last night. The pooping thing is still uncertain, so in Pull-Ups he stays. I cannot wait to have him in underwear.

Oh yes, and last Friday, we went searching for a new car seat for Isaac. (I just erased a long and boring description of our dilema, here is a condenced version.) Lydia is about to outgrow her infant carrier (Thank God, my back hurts constantly), Isaac is almost too big for his carseat (harness goes up to 40lb, he's near 39). Because he's so young (2.5yrs.), he still should have a harness, not the lap belt. Only one car seat is currently manufactured with a harness that accomodates children over 40lb. The Alpha Elite Apex 65. It says a lot about a carseat if MY son looks small in it. This thing is a monster, but with any luck, we won't have to buy another seat EVER.

So, I'm waiting for Lydie's new bunting to arrive (and no, I didn't find that deal until after I order it!) and then we will make the switch. Of course, I'll need to keep her infant carrier in the car so I can go grocery shopping, since she cannot sit up yet. Why do I have such large children?

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susan said...

So why do you have such big babies anyways? Does it run in the family? I know big feet (and bottoms) runs in ours.

Kudos on the potty training. I think that's one of the hardest things parents deal with. (As a former preschool teacher, I've heard a lot of parent concerns)