Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Pirate for sure

A Pirate for sure
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My son, his new interest is pirates. This, thanks to a combination of things: The Backyardigans pirate episode, the Little Einsteins pirate episode, and the Little People pirate ship he received for Christmas. Now, when I get after him for misbehavior, he'll often look at me with the "mean face" and say "Arrr!" in a grumpy voice. We've also recently bought him a set that included the all important eye patch, a telescope, and a pirate flag. It also came with a toy sword, but he didn't get to have that. For two or three days he had the patch on and carried around the telescope and flag, and he still wears the patch pretty often. Recently, my parents made a trip to Vegas, and while at Treasure Island, got him a (reportedly) very cool pirate's hat. He's going to love it. He's also getting "pirate treasure" courtesy of the Disney Store, in his Easter basket.

When my sister visited a couple weeks ago, we made him a pretty neat treasure map using repeatedly crumpled card-stock and coffee staining it.....but he doesn't ever use it. I can't figure out why......I'm stumped.

It's fun to watch him go through these phases and interests. He so very much little-boy in his interests...I find it very cute, which makes it hard when I know he's being defiant. ARRR!!


susan said...

That's soooo cute!

You can tell that he's a true Macho Man...they don't need maps!

Amanda said...

He is so cute!!!

I sent you a email a while back. We have something in common. I love reading you blog. If you are interested in reading mine let me know.I can add you to the list.

Email me

Anonymous said...

awwww, he's cute!!!
my son was really into power rangers and spiderman, wore those costumes all day.