Friday, April 20, 2007

Time Line

12:30am.....I'm just falling asleep as Isaac wakes up crying. Terry goes to check on him but can't figure out what he's saying. I believe he's saying "monster", and so I go in and lay with him. Terry comes and saves me a few minutes later. Isaac goes back to bed.

1:00am......Isaac starts crying again, and is out of his door by the time I get to it. He comes and lays with us (a rare occurance) and starts crying when I won't take him down stairs. By crying I mean wailing.

1:10am.....Terry has a minor meltdown because he needs to sleep and Isaac gets more upset. I quiet him down, and then he lays with us for a while.

1:30am...Terry takes Isaac back to bed.

1:45am....Isaac's door opens...I take him back to bed and sing once quick verse of Away in a Manger.

2:00am...Terry is mostly back to sleep. I am not.

2:15am...still awake and no sign of sleepiness.

2:30am....surfing the web on our laptop in bed....

3:30am...finally falling asleep.

6:30am...the baby starts talking in her crib.

7:30am...Isaac is up.

I'm only on cup of coffee #1. Fairly certain more will follow.

NOTE: Terry was well founded in his meltdown. You see, if I take Isaac to bed after he's upset, I often can't leave without upsetting him again. Terry doesn't cause that effect. So...whenever Isaac wakes up, Terry usually goes in first for a quicker exit. Terry knew that if Isaac didn't sleep, he wouldn't either!


Mainline Mom said...

What do you do when Isaac wakes you up too early in the morning, because it's daylight? Now that Nathan is in his big bed he doesn't go back to sleep!! He got me up at 5:30 this morning and when I put him back in bed he kept me awake with his singing and chattering until 6:30 when he decided enough was enough and it was time for Sesame Street.

Three's Company said...

You really ought to try to get more done at night. ;)

E started having nightmares (not quite the terrors that some kids get) around this age. 'Things' in her room would scare her. I have no advice, except for a repeat of the mommy mantra 'just like swallowed pennies, this too shall pass'.