Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

When it was Mother's Day, our church did the whole sermon about women, passed out little gifts for mothers, it was nice. For Father's Day, there was a nice prayer said. Now, I'm not saying that moms don't do a lot. I know we do. But you know, my husband is an exceptional father. He takes time to play with Isaac and Lyddie, even when he's completely worn out and just wants to sit. He genuinely enjoys his family. I know I can leave the house and the children are well cared for.

I also know that there are many MANY men out there who are not good fathers. I know they put the whole responsibility of child care on the wives, paying attention to only their own needs.

In this day and age, good fathers are few and far between. As our pastor said today, men live in a culture that wants to keep them from being leaders, keep them from being confident, keep them from being responsible. Look at TV, when was the last time you saw a sitcom that had a dad that wasn't a moron?

My point (and I do have one!) is that we should celebrate our fathers like we do mothers. Because the ones who really do an excellent job, often don't get much credit for it.

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