Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why is this taking so long...

The ticker, it mocks me. The Harry Potter ticker...the one I've so cleverly placed in my left-hand column...the one that I check every time I'm online....ugh. I just finished re-reading all of the previous Harry Potter books....I cried my eyes out when Dumbledore died...even though I'm not convinced he did, because of this. And I'm fretting about whether Harry may be the last Horcrux, and would be horrified and angry if he is. I'm going to be thinking about it constantly for the next 31 days...well..not quite that long, as I will be one of the nerds going out at midnight to Meijer to get my book. I long ago discovered that going to the big chains is a waste of time. At Meijer, you can walk in, get your book, walk out....very little halabaloo...which is how I like it.

Anyway...yes, I'm a giant nerd because I have been hooked on the HP books for quite a while now....got a problem with that?

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mike said...

A couple of friends have invited me to go along with them to a book party at Borders. I've never been, and this is my last chance, so I'm going to go.