Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our week in review

We went and visited relatives last week. Here is our week, in review:

  Isaac spent nearly the entire day in the chicken hat. We started calling him "Chicken Head". He would run circles in the house and every once in a while call out, "Bawk!"
  We visited with Terry's family and saw Isaac and Lydia's cousin, Cecilia. She's three months younger than Lyddie but nearly the same size!
  We went to the zoo, which somehow proved to be more exhausting for us than for the kids! Isaac had fun feeding the giraffes, but was a little leary of their tongues!
  We spent a lot of time with various relatives, although we still didn't get to see everyone. I'm thinking another trip is in order! Here's Isaac hanging out with "Achelle" at the creek at Grammy and Grampy's house.

All in all it was pretty fun, but we felt like we were going constantly, and like I said, we still didn't see everyone we wanted to. Maybe next time.
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