Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The plot agaist me.

I went to do a little grocery shopping today. I've been going to the super Wal-Mart (or, as we call it, the evil empire) when I have both kids with me, because everything is in one spot. But, I thought I'd try Meijer today. They're Michigan owned, and the new super Wal-Mart is right next door, so I feel a little sorry for them.

They USED to have carts with the kiddy caddy on the front, where you can park a couple children, instead of just one. Well, I couldn't find one anywhere, and with a toddler who will not sit quietly in the cargo area of a cart, I thought it wise to at least ask around. Apparently, they only have TWO (this is a store the size of a super Wal-Mart, for those not of this area), and neither had been seen all day. So, I pointed out to the greeters that this would be a reason that I would go to Wal-Mart instead of Meijer. I did not say it rudely, I just stated a fact. I figured they might want to know how to keep people shopping there instead of at their competition. One greeter was so gracious as to tell me that I could shop where ever I wanted.

Anyway....the rest of the shopping trip went downward from there. Including missing several items that I intended to get but didn't because I was too worried that Isaac was mashing the bananas or opening the strawberries. Punctuated with a flash storm out of now where as I left the building. It was lightly raining, I thought I could get the kids to the car in time. Half way there the heavens opened in a deluge complete with whipping winds that conspired to whisk my cart away at least five times while I'm throwing (not really!) small, drenched, crying children into the van and trying not to mash the bread at the same time. The wind was so strong that it actually pulled things from my van that I then had to retrieve (and wring out).

By the time I got all needed things/persons into the van we were ALL soaked to the skin. Luckily, in the mess that is the inside of my van, there were two blankets to be had, so the kids didn't get chilled.

Every feel like there is a plot against you?


Nicole said...

Shopping with two is impossible! Cute blog, i can definately relate. I have two under three also. Thanks for the Harry Potter ticker!! I can't wait for it either!


Three's Company said...

But at least there are only a couple of DAYS left until HP comes to our doorsteps.