Thursday, November 08, 2007


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I realized that I haven't been posting much, but the kids are changing so much that I need to get on the ball here. Isaac's language and understanding is growing by leaps and bounds, which seems to cut down some on the temper tantrums. Lydia's been cruising around the furniture for a couple weeks now, and she'll walk if you hold her hands. Isaac really likes his sister, and most of the time he amuses her, even if I think he's being a little rough. This last year or so of Lydia's life seems to have gone so much faster than the first year with Isaac. I imagine the time will only continue to speed up, which makes me a little sad. But, at the same time, I'm looking forward to when they are old enough to play together and can really enjoy family trips. Overall, though, I'm feeling quite blessed these days to have the family that I do. My kids and my husband are everything I'd hoped for.

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Mainline Mom said...

Yay great post! Cute picture of you too! Was that a hint you left on my blog?? HUH? I'm good at picking up on hints you know.