Monday, December 10, 2007

Festival of Trees

Every year a local hockey arena host The Festival of Trees, which benefits our hospital. Groups around town decorate trees and donate them, and then you can buy raffle tickets to put into the boxes of each tree in hopes of winning one. They have childrens activities and Santa is there (see previous post). Isaac loved the reindeer and chased him around the room most of the time, but he also did a gig with the clown and got to know the talking Christmas tree. There was a story time....and that was when it all went horribly wrong. He would not sit still and listen, and in the picture in the bottom right, he is making his way up to the microphone, where he interrupted and talked into it. It was a moment of great pride....sigh. Not long after that, after I'd gone to sit with him, I physically removed him from story time, because he was rolling about the stage and talking. A child's screams echo with horrible resonance in a hockey arena.
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