Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good News that's worth more than the quarter it came as.


About two and a half weeks ago (December 3rd), Isaac came downstairs to say,
"Momma, the coin was in my mouth. Where'd it go?"
To which I replied with barely controlled panic, "What?! What do you mean? Did you swallow a coin?"
"Which one did it look like?" As I spread out several different coins.
"That one." (The quarter)
"Are you sure, maybe it was this one (the dime, I know, wishful thinking.)"

At this point, I was incredulous. I mean, really, a QUARTER? He was so relaxed, so nonchalant about it. Maybe he was just pretending? He made it sound as if a magic trick had occurred (poof! Where'd it go?!). If anything, surely only a dime or a penny. But Terry and I were still skeptical as to if it had even happened. Until the next day.

Isaac started talking about the disappearing coin again, all on his own. For him, this means it probably actually happened. As a rule, he doesn't reminicse about pretendings. At this point, I still thought it was a penny, which is what I said when I called the doctor to schedule an x-ray.

The next day, when the tech showed me the x-ray, my first words went something like, "THAT'S NOT A PENNY, THAT'S A QUARTER!!"

At that point, it was in his stomach, but looked ready to enter the small intestine...a good sign.

A week later, it looked like it was still in his stomach, but on the opposite side and higher up. Not a good sign.

So, Terry took him to the local ER, where they said it should be removed, but to have a pediatric GI procedure done, they would need to go down to Macomb (outside Detroit) to Children's Hospital. So, they made the trip down, where they took two more x-rays, one being from the side, (4 total at this point) and after several experts had examined the pictures, determined that the quarter was in his colon, but had a backward looping colon. This means that instead of his colon looping below his stomach, it loops behind it, which explained the odd second X-ray. They sent them home with directions to wait 3-5 days and have it checked again.

So we did...and still no appearance of the quarter. So off to another x-ray, where it STILL looked like it was in his stomach, but they wouldn't do a lateral (side) x-ray to see if it was in his stomach or not.

After seeing that, our pediatrician, bless her heart, called THREE different hospitals, talked to THREE different specialists, all of whom said that the standard would be to wait three to four weeks TOTAL...which would put us smack between Christmas and New Year. Need I explain how happy THAT made me?

So, today (that would be SEVENTEEN DAYS) after the quarter was swallowed, I called our pediatrician to say that we needed another x-ray.

THEN, later on arrived!!! I'll spare you the nastiness of details. Suffice to say, thank God for long kitchen gloves and anti-bacterial soap!

So, the quarter, turned quite black from the the stomach acids, has been properly washed AND boiled...

What would YOU do with it?
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Mainline Mom said...

RFLMAO!!!! I laugh now, but you know it will happen to me someday.

Jennifer said...

Keith says to keep it, and when Isaac complains about his own kids in 30 years, you can give him the quarter and repeat the above story.

Three's Company said...

I have a plethora of ideas.

1) save it for his hs graduation and tell him this is his college fund. Minus all the health care expenses.

2) tape it to one of the bills that you get from the insurance companies, they deal with bs all day anyways.

3) Save it for his wedding day. Nothing says I love you like 20 year old fecal matter.

4) When he asks for an allowance give it too him, with the story.

5) My personal fav. Take the pic of said quarter and have a t-shirt made up.
'I swallowed a quarter and had 5 xrays at three different hospitals and a team of doctors and nurses and all I have is this t-shirt and a crappy quarter'.

I can think of more, but well it's late and I need to head to bed. But surely this is another family heirloom. To precious to use.

Also, doesn't it make you think what other coins have been through?


Ivy said...

Oh wow! What an ordeal! Glad the quarter came out on its own!