Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baby butts

 I'm sure one day she'll insist that it was me posting this picture that ruined her life, but I think of it as early collection on all the worrying she'll cause me as a teenager! Besides, it madeyou laugh, right?

In other news, I'm 14 weeks pregnant today. I swear I'm huger (I know, not a word, but really there's no better description!) than I've ever been at this point. I'm already feeling whalish. Tell me again why some women just LOVE pregnancy? I go in for all the various testing in two weeks, then not long after that is the half-way ultrasound, where hopefully we'll be able to tell whether we'll be putting bunk beds in Lydia or Isaac's room. Either way, the baby will be roomies with Lyddie for a little while, easier to contain, since she's still in a crib herself.

In about a month, I get to go scrapbooking up North at Higgins lake with some close friends of mine! I CANNOT wait!! It's been so long since I scrapbooked, I'm wondering if I remember how to use scissors! That also means some shopping for scrapbook related stuffs...hello Hobby Lobby...HERE I COME!!
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Ivy said...

I got huge with wyatt very early. I was bigger with him I swear to you at 14 weeks than at the end..LOL sounds impossible right..LOL

Mainline Mom said...

Hehehe cute photo! I'm sure you're gorgeous!

I loved my pregnancy for several weeks in the middle, mainly because I did so much yoga and stayed so fit that I didn't have all the acheys. But I hated the beginning and the end.