Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Digging the Dress-up

Well, Isaac's new interest is dress-up. He loves having helmets on and we've been looking for a play one that would fit him. This fireman's helmet just barely did, but it came with cool accessories which he really likes. Not long ago, with some Easter money, we bought him a knight's mask and sword set, I didn't see his face for a whole day. I have a partial pirate's costumen, and I'm thinking about making him a knight costume, too. He seems to like the accessories, namely masks and helmets, as much as an actual costume, so that make sit easy. Of course, when the mood strikes him, he insists that it strike Lydia as well, so she get's to dress up, too. We don't have quite the selection for her yet, though. Although she does like the necklaces and sunglasses!

In preggo news: I saw my doctor on Monday. My stomach has grown a whopping 7 cm in one month! At 27.5 weeks, I'm now measuring over 29cm (it should be 1 cm for each week of pregnancy, approx.) After three months of not gaining any weight, I've gained 6 lb. I'm still far below what I gained even for Lydia, so I'm okay with that. Also, the c-section has been scheduled for July 7th, so let the countdown begin!
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Undercover Mutha said...

Gosh, the kids are getting so big! Hope everything goes smoothly for you here on out! Grow, baby, grow!

Mainline Mom said...

Wow three babies in four years. So exciting though! July 7th sounds like a very good birthday :)