Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Break

Well, it was an interesting Spring Break to say the least. We went to Jackson and spent some time with my husband's dad and step mom. Half way through the two and a half hour drive, Isaac informs us that he feels sick. Okay. We don't always take everything he says seriously, so we continued on our way. Fifteen minutes later we had stopped at a gas station to clean up the vomit. Anyone ever tried to clean up a vomit covered car seat with nothing more than baby wipes...while pregnant? Fortunately, we had spare clothes at hand, so he didn't have to finish the trip in vomit-soaked clothing. And, thanks to the wonder that are disposable changing pads, once I got the majority of the mess cleaned up, I was able to line his seat in those.

He seemed fine afterwards, and that evening, so we assumed he'd gotten some bad chocolate milk in his happy meal. Two days later, the rest of the stomach flu became apparent, and then Lydia got, too. By Monday night the kids seemed better, and we had some guests visit. Then Isaac did a face plant on the laminent floor and chipped his font tooth (blog post about the dentist visit will come another time!). He recovered quickly enough from that. I think it was Tuesday night that Lydia's stomach flu resurfaced and she had diarrhea while we were bathing her AND Isaac. Nothing like hearing Isaac bellow, "Lydia pooped! Daddy! Lydia pooped!" Now I know that netted bath toys have more than one use. Ick Ick Ick.

Isaac's later commentary on the situation: "Daddy, I don't like to take a bath with the pooping!"

Terry and I actually went out to a local bar that night to see a former colleague of mine who is the lead singer of a pretty good band when he's not teaching English at a local high school. It was fun to see him perform again, but I tell you, it was torture to not have a drink that night! If ever there was a night that I needed a drink, that was it!

And then Wednesday, our last full day there...Terry and I both got the stomach flu. Not as bad as the kids, but we both spent the afternoon feeling pretty horrible. When we got up the next morning, we discovered that we were not the only victims. Terry's step-mom had been up all night (sorry Sue!) with it, and her with a recently-operated-on-shoulder. blech.

We did have some fun times, and the kids did get to play out side and enjoy actual spring weather during Spring Break, which is often unheard of in Michigan. But like I said, it was interesting, to say the least, though.

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Undercover Mutha said...

Oh no! It's been awhile since the stomach flu has visited us, THANK GOD. It definitely started at daycare, I know that much.

The pooping had me laughing, the vomit cringing, and the tooth chip making a sad face. Wow, that is a lot of drama! And I see you're only 10 weeks from the new baby boy. Yay!

Mainline Mom said...

Whew boy, can I relate. Fortunately I was not pregnant when I was cleaning up the puke covered carseat at the gas station, nor when the entire family got the stomach flu ALL at once (at least yours was staggered), but the baby poops almost EVERY time I put him in the bath, with Nathan in there. I have resorted to giving him the quickest baths ever. It is SOOOOO gross.