Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Baby

Well, I finally got the pictures done for his birth announcements, created them, and ordered them. He's so tiny I can hardly believe it. I mean, FIVE POUNDS less than Isaac when we brought him home.

In other news: the kids (Isaac and Lyddie) were sick with a mystery fever on Friday and Saturday. Just high fevers and probably achy, but no other symptoms. I was a little concerned for Simon, so he got quarantined in our bedroom for a few days. I've washed my hands so much I think they might peel right off.

Otherwise, we are doing okay. I'm so thankful that Terry is home for the summer. He was going to take grad classes about an hour a way, but has opted for a less expensive (when you factor in gas and books) online route. With Simon being a preemie, albeit only by five weeks, there are feeding/nursing issues that are much more time consuming than with a full term infant.

We are still a bit in shock that we have three kids under four years old. It's better not to dwell on it. hehe.


Mainline Mom said...

Congrats!!!! So exciting! He's precious. Hope the Lord will bless you with a speedy recovery from the section and that Simon will be a nursing champ in no time. So sorry for the loss of your doctor, that's terrible. Well, I wonder since he was so early if you still want some 6-9 month winter clothes? I'm guessing yes. If so, email me your address at sbhubbell at comcast dot net.

Three's Company said...

He's so incredibly cute! Yes, he may seem normal size right now, but man, check out those feet! I'm thinking he's going to be filling out much the same as his big brother! Which means lots of couch time with mom, huh! Get plenty of rest. Talk to you soon.

da Cuz

Wendi said...

LOVE LOVE the pictures!! Hope you are all settling in nicely and getting some rest (HAHA!). Life with three is a bit crazy isn't it?? :)