Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Growing fast

Well, true to form, Simon has gained 2 full pounds in ten days, grew a half inch, and his head grew an inch around as well. He's now at 8lb. 4 ounces, and still has two weeks before his "due date". I'm really curious to see if he follows in his big brother's footsteps.

He's eating pretty well, although he doesn't seem to like a nice normal, PREDICTABLE, three hour routine, and so still swings between 2.5 hours and 3.5 hours. I know it doesn't seem like much, it can make the night times a little intolerable.

Overall, we are doing pretty good. Terry is on duty with Isaac and Lydia while I am still mostly consumed with Simon duties. As we slowly transition away from doing bottle feedings half the time, I think it will get a little better. At least, I hope so!

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Wendi said...

Brings back lots of memories... I know it can be really tough when that sweet little one, who seems to have taken over your life, will not get into a predictable routine. It will happen! Hang in there mommy, you are doing a great job. Lack of sleep can truly suck. :) Praying for you and all of the adjustments you continue to go through.