Friday, October 24, 2008

In just a few short weeks, Simon has:
1) Discovered his thumbs, but has not picked a favorite yet. I'm wondering which it will be, because Isaac sucked his right thumb and is left-handed, and Lydia sucks her left thumb and is right-handed.

2) Started rolling from his belly to his back. He generally sleeps on his belly during his daytime naps and his back at night. He gets really ticked off when he rolls from his belly to his back during nap time and then cannot get back to his belly.

3) Begun showing real upper body strength, so we've broken out the gigantic Intellitainer and he's spending a few minutes in that at a time. He's still not too strong, though, so he flops back against the head rest a bit.

4) Moved from a three to a four hour schedule, which means he's dropped a feeding. He's not been eating all the great for a few days, though. I think they are all fighting off a little something, because Simon has looked like crap for a couple days (washed out with red-rimmed eyes) and Lydia suddenly has a very juicy disgusting cough. And so, he woke up at 6am for a feeding today....blech.

All in all though he is quite adorable and a giant flirt. He'd rather grin and coo at me than finish his meal, most days.

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