Monday, December 15, 2008

(Belated) Six Months

I cannot believe that it's been six months since this bugger joined our lives. He is a joy, to be sure, and we are enjoying him immensley, except for Saturday when he ate every two and a half hours, didn't sleep, and then woke every three hours through the night to eat. He's an eating machine, which means he's growing. Everyone comments about how happy he is, and it's true, he's pretty easy going and happy. He's beginning to role over from belly to back, and has been working on a tooth for about a month is barely visible and seems happy to stay that way. He just started eating some solid foods, nothing exciting though, just bananas and rice cereal. He seems to like it, but doesn't have the eating rhythm down yet.

Lydia and Isaac adore Simon and kiss him and play with him and hug him every chance they get. Sometimes they play a little rough for him, but they mean no harm.

I've always felt like three was the correct number of children for me, and now that Simon's here, I can't get over the sense of completion I feel to our family. It just feels right that he's here with us.
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