Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Special Visitor

Monday night we had a special visitor in the Redhead Mommy household. Terry had some students singing at local elementary schools and discovered that Santa was the dad of one of our babysitters, strange, huh? Santa offered to come visit our kids as a special treat, and even brought little books for them as gifts. A preschool friend of Isaac's saw the pictures on my facebook page and was VERY jealous, and accused me of putting out the magical reindeer oats that their preschool teachers gave them out early by mistake. When she discovered that Santa just likes us better, she was pretty upset.

Isaac was all about telling Santa what he wants (what was it again? oh yes, the Clone Trooper Helmet and Clone Trooper if I haven't heard it a hundred-thousand times.) Lydia, however, was not as excited to get all friendly with Santa...she was more than happy with a nice polite "Hi, Santa!" and a wave, but him actually touching her went a little beyond her comfort zone, as you can see here by her trademark scowl. And since there was no way we could convince her to go near Santa again, knowing he might pick her up, she stood by Terry for the group photo.

Simon was just happy for attention. Poor, neglected, third child that he is.

All it all, it was pretty fun, and it was a good thing that Santa remembered Isaac's name when he saw him at the preschool party on Wednesday, or there would have been trouble. (it was a different one!)

And so, I guess this means that we are "doing Santa" in our house. Anyone not "do Santa" or know anyone who does...or doesn't? What are your opinions?
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