Friday, January 23, 2009


It's no small thing to get all three of them to look at the camera. Forget about them all smiling, I'm just happy they don't have completely doofy looks on their faces! This last weeks has been a difficult one in the Redhead Mommy household. Isaac spent Wednesday throwing up, Lydia is fighting off an ear infection and has become increasingly TWO with attitude and whining to boot, and Simon has that nebulous baby discontent. It might be teeth (but I see nothing), it might be him fighting the ear infection (but his ears don't seem to hurt him), it might be a growth spurt; whatever it is, he's not enjoying going to sleep lately.

Isaac and Lydia are beginning to get into spats with one another and I struggle between refereeing and letting them sort it out themselves. Lydia can be an instigator, but when Isaac retaliates, she screams bloody murder. I don't want to baby her, I don't want to allow him to bully her. It's a conundrum.

However, despite it all, both Isaac and Lydia totally dote on Simon, they kiss him and laugh with him every chance they get. They love to give him his toys when he drops them (or switch toys when they decide he wants something else). I'm enjoying it, because it won't be so long before Simon is in the mix mentioned above.
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