Sunday, February 22, 2009

A little of everything.

February 6th was the eight month mark for Simon-boy. He's quite a happy fellow, and I'm sure will be even more so when the four front top teeth finally all poke through. For the meantime, he's having some fussy nights.

I had a rare few hours alone with Simon this morning, being too sick myself to go to church. I took the opportunity to get as close as I could to him, and he was pretty cooperative about looking at the camera even though he was really trying to focus on sitting up by himself. He's much closer to doing it now than even a week ago. Also, I'm stunned by his big blues in this shot.

I think sharing bathtime is not much longer for these too. They are getting too big to be comfortable. I think once Simon is able to use the bath seat, Isaac will graduate to his own bath time.

Although I have no idea what's going on with Lydia's sleeve in this picture (there was nothing on it), I still love this picture of the three of them. I'm thinking I'll turn it sepia or black and white to frame.
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