Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bigger and Bigger


Simon turned ten months old on April 6th. I cannot believe how fast the time since his birth has gone. Seems like so recently that my water was breaking five weeks early, after we had arrived at a campground north of town for a weekend with friends. And yet I look at him and notice the subtle, and not so subtle, ways he has grown. He seems significantly larger every morning I put him in his highchair. He's eating FOUR meals (of two #2 foods, except at breakfast, when it's only one) on top of nursing....we have to do the 8pm food feeding or he won't sleep through the night: wakes at 3 am HUNGRY! And, I'm assuming, due to the huge amounts of food he's been packing away, he seems to have shot straight from 12 month clothes to 18 month! What a monster!

He seemed to master sitting up by himself over night, although halfway between nine and ten months that if finally happened. The idea of crawling hasn't occured to him yet, but I think it will happen the same way, and then off he'll go.
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