Monday, April 13, 2009

Window Treatments


Well, after two and a half years of trying to decide what to do with the windows in our dining room, I finally decided I was going to make curtains for them. Part of the motivation was that at dinner time, the afternoon sun beats through this window like a spotlight, directly into the faces of those at the table. So, of the two windows, it was most important I get this set done BEFORE Easter dinner, since my parents were joining us. I didn't consider that the sun will probably bleach out the print over time, so I'm going to add backing to these and when I make the second set, I'll just do the backing immediately. For not having a pattern, and only the concept in my mind, I couldn't be more pleased with how these turned out! And the curtain rods, which were EXACTLY what I wanted, were on sale at 40% off! How often does that happen?

The other window is about three times the size of this one, so that will take me a little longer, but I think I'll have them done by Friday. I can't wait!! Also, I want to get a better picture, the lighting was awful when I took this.
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Annie C. said...

I do love those curtains! You did such a great job on it and the print is awesome. :) can't wait to see the other window done. Wanna do mine now?