Thursday, April 02, 2009

This Guy

He's been sick on and off since the new year began. He had finally broke 20lb. and with this last bout of illness he's back down to 19lb. 5 oz. I thought for sure that he'd be large like Isaac was, but with all the sickness, he's probably about 50th percentile. He does seem to be on the upswing again, finally. He started eating like he was before the stomach flu, so that's good. His disposition is not so great, though. I think he might be starting another round of teething again, with the crankiness and the constant gnawing on things. He's getting breathing treatments at night to combat the respiratory infection, but seems otherwise okay. PaPa and Shoop were here this last weekend and PaPa kept putting the chewy toy on Simon's head. It was pretty funny watching him try to get it off.

Well, he's crying again.....probably hungry.
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Annie C. said...

Oh how I like your new look!!! (I'm trying not to compare my generic, boring template to your creative beauty!)

I didn't realize Simon had something on his head when I first looked at the thought he was praising God!