Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Days of School

Isaac actually started on September 8th, but Lydia just started at preschool on September 15th. Both have been very excited and are loving school Isaac struggles with sitting still and paying close attention, but he's a work in progress, like all of us. And very much BOY. He had to stay home today because he has a virus that's going around, aches and a fever, and was not too pleased to miss school. So he must really like it. Lydia was hilarious Tuesday, walking with proud determination into the church, with her backpack nearly as big as she is. She has a buddy in class with her that she knew already, and I believe they are always together. They are so different in personality, but it's so cute. I just wish Isaac had AM Young 5s, because with Lydia in the AM and Isaac in the PM, it makes for VERY hectic Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm usually pretty exhausted by the time 4pm rolls around. I'm hoping I get more used to it as the year goes on. Also, I'm looking forward to next year when 1)Isaac is attending school in our district and 2) their schedules are more in sinc with each other's . Until them, just call me Mom the Taxi.
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