Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lyddie turns THREE!

The crazy thing is, I feel like she's older than three. I actually put four candles on the cake, and someone else caught it! She's such a sharp, intelligent little imp. She's quiet and cautious in front of others, but with us, she's naturally comedic, without really meaning to be. Even when she's being naughty, it's really hard not to smile, because she's so stinking cute and funny about it.

The night before her party, my sister, Michelle, was asking Lydia if she still wanted the Tinkerbell doll from her. (Lydia had VERY specifically asked for a Snow White baby doll when Michelle asked, so this was a test.) Lydia nodded, not realizing the trick, and then said, "No, Snow White. Now go get it for me!" With an emphatic poke to Michelle's chest. I just about fell off the chair laughing, even though I did eventually pull myself together long enough to correct her. You just never know what's going to come out of her mouth, and her delivery is impeccable!

And so, there was a Disney Princess cake (she wanted Sleeping Beauty, specifically), and MANY pink and purple gifts. I know that this is my daughter, but I'm not sure what happened, because she didn't get this girliness from me, to be sure! But, with her solid working knowledge of super-heros thanks to Isaac, I think she'll be okay.
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