Sunday, November 08, 2009

Simon Update



It's crazy how much my little man has changed in the last five months. At his twelve month visit, our pediatrician was concerned that he wasn't sitting up on his own or crawling yet. Within three weeks, he was pulling into the sitting position and army crawling. Two months later he had totally mastered true crawling. Our pediatrician refered us to Early On, a service provided by the intermediate school district to help kids who are developmentally delayed. She originally mentioned it back in June, but with our crazy summer, we didnt' get the initial visit until October. By that time Simon was pulling himself up on furniture and in the crib, but not letting himself down very gently. Two weeks later, he was letting himself down and nearly balancing on his own. We went through the evaluation with our school district, and we have the final consultation next Monday, but I doubt he qualifies for services. I'm really not too concerned about him, I think he's just not on the same time table as the average kid. He's making progress, he's just not in a hurry. But if he does qualify, I'll certainly take advantage of anything that will benefit him.

He is talking baby-speak, asking me questions and making comments in his own language. He says "no" and finally "baw" (ball)....balls are his favorite, and cups. Unfortunately, those are Ginny's favorite toys too. (Ginny is our seven-and-a-half-month-old puppy we got right before school started.) Despite my best efforts, Simon and Ginny share toys, like it or not.

Simon is, without question, a momma's boy right now. Who knows how long it will last, but I'm loving it while it does! Sometimes he just wants to be held and cuddled by me, and visable perks up when he gets the loving he wants. He's also forming noticeable attachments with his brother and sister, and Bart, his yellow bear(s). He is the master of the quiet whimper, the tearful eyes, and the pouty lip when he believes I'm going away. It is a stellar performance, and melts me every time!

He is loved and adored by the nursery workers at church, being such a cuddle-bug. His hair is the crowd-pleaser, though. We don't do anything to make it stand up like that, it just does. It will finally sit down for about half a day after he gets a bath, but then it's sticking straight out again. I love it, it adds to his character.

As of Friday, he's 17 months old, and seems to be putting some weight on finally, although he's still a bean-pole: 75 percentile in height, 25 percentile in weight...meaning he's long and his brother, and his dad, and the majority of his male relatives.

We love watching him grow and explore and develop his personality. So far, so good!
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