Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sparkley Purple Zebra

My dear, sweet girl.  The one with questions bigger than she is.  Thoughtful and sparkly and colorful and smart.  She shies away from direct attention, but loves being silly and creative.  She loves all things colorful and sparkly and wants to grow up to be a mermaid princess.  However, her favorite thing to collect is rocks, even if they seem common and mundane to the rest of us-she sees something beautiful and interesting. She is every bit as girly as I was a tomboy, proving that God does have a sense of humor.

When I was looking up how to spell "sparkly" online, I ran across this entry in the Urban Dictionary:
Sparkley Purple Zebra
 A sparkley purple zebra is a nickname used to describe a woman who is beautiful, intelligent, awesome and who can always make your day.  Sparkley purple zebras can be very hard to come by and should be cherished and loved.

Yep, misspelling and all, that is Lydia, she is my sparkley purple zebra. And today, my sparkley purple zebra is FIVE YEARS OLD!!

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