Sunday, March 04, 2012

Random Dump

Lately, I have been on a Pinterest kick of the Make-my-own-homemade-stain-removers-and-cleaners-for-the-house kind. Baking soda, Ammonia, Dawn Dish Soap, Vinegar, Peroxide....all wonderfully amazing things that I can keep around the house and mix into different combinations to make various cleaners. My latest "recipe", shown above, is home made "Shout" or "Spray n Wash".  I'm ALWAYS running out of stain stick, and with Isaac having a personal vendetta against stain-free clothing, I find I constantly have a pile of "need to treat" stained clothing stacking up.  So, I looked up that recipe on Pinterest today and went to it.  I am impressed. It worked on stains that have already been through the dryer once! WOOHOO!  I also have made a shower cleaner that I'm pretty happy with, especially considering the cost to make else can I make?

As some of you may know, I'm very much interested in photography. I love the whole process, would love to do this as more than a hobby. In an effort to get my feet wet, and help some people I care about out with some free services, I've been taking pictures of various things lately, children and houses. I am heading up our church's pictorial directory this spring, and will be shooting my first new-born pictures in August.  I felt like I should have a name for the photography aspect of my life, and I really wanted a name that 1) was reflective of my mom in some way, and 2) wasn't an overused name. I also wasn't crazy about using my own name, mostly because a lot of people do that too. 
I went through all the flowers I remember my mom loving when I was a kid, but what I kept coming back to   was mums.  Now, Mum Photography doesn't quite sound right to me, and I know Chrysanthemum Photography is a mouthful.  So, I kept trying other name ideas....some got A LOT of hits when I googled them, some just didn't have the ring I wanted.  I kept coming back to Chrysanthemum Photography. Several  people said it was too hard to pronounce, but it kept coming back to my mind. So, I've decided that if it's going to stick this hard, I'll just have to hone my skill to the point that the name is memorable enough to learn to pronounce. ;)

So I keep clicking away, and every once in a while, I hit gold, and am really happy with my product.  I'm finding that my background in visual arts (Art Education minor) is still alive and well in my mind.  I have a pretty good idea of what makes a good composition, but I'm painfully aware of how low my technical skills are.  Thankfully, there is a wealth of good, solid information online, and so I'm learning quite a bit at very little cost.

Like my new camera strap?  I WON IT! If you follow me on Facebook, you might have noticed that I've been "liking" all these small businesses like crazy.  It's because I've been entering a bunch of giveaways where you have to "like" the vendors involved with the giveaway in order to enter the giveaway. I've won FOUR times, twice from the same one!  The latest and (in my opinion) greatest for me though, was this very cool handmade camera strap.  If any of you have ever used the stock strap that comes with a lot of DSLR cameras, you'll know that the rubbery-plastic backing on it is not friendly to sensitive skin. My skin can tolerate about 15 minutes. This new strap has a lovely, soft, faux suede and makes my skin much happier!

However, with all the other pictures I've been taking, I've been neglecting my own kids, so I'll need to get on that right away, especially since we gave Terry's grandmother a photo frame at Christmas, and here it is March and I still haven't got enough to send her for it.  Eek.

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