Friday, June 17, 2005

My Father's Curse On Me Has Come True

At least once during my teenage years, my father put this curse on me: I hope someday you have kids just like you. Well, I'd hoped The Boy had my husband's temperment: sweet natured, never angry (as a kid) not given to rebellion or temper tantrums.

Yesterday, The Boy had a series of temper tantrums because I would not let him touch things he wanted to touch (the nerve of me, I know). This child, although he knows that he isn't to touch certain things, will, when I say, "No touch!", turn and look at me, grin, and then proceed to touch that very item. I suspect the temper tantrums might be due to the fact that he isn't napping well AT ALL. Really, when he's not feeling good, the naps are the first sign that somethings wrong. And his nose is STILL running (three weeks this has been going on, people!), and he has a generally crabby disposition, which isn't at all like the little boy in my possession three weeks ago.

Please, God, let this be a phase that will pass....soon. Please?

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