Monday, November 28, 2005


This is now a morning ritual for us. While I'm fixing his oatmeal with half a banana, he gets to eat the other half on his own. He often just shoves the whole thing in there, resulting in this face. Over Thanksgiving, at my folks, he shoved so much in that it started oozing out of his mouth. I know we shouldn't encourage it, but it's so dang funny! Posted by Picasa


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

awwwww, he's got chipmunk cheeks!

Susie said...

Go bananas! Go go bananas! Hi, Redhead Mommy! Just wandering around blogworld checking in on lovely people I haven't seen much of in a while. Sounds like life is very, very good here. Sometimes good-busy in realworld means bloglife slows down. That's a good thing, though, all things considered.

Mainline Mom said...

I know this look. I know how much banana a kid can stuff in his mouth at once. We do it every morning too!