Monday, December 05, 2005

RIP Thomas

Thomas was my sister and nephew's cat, that I found for them when I was 16, because they wanted an orange cat. He was a barn kitten, and never really outgrew the temptation to sneak outside for "adventures", which he had a lot of. He had to have been the homeliest kitten I'd ever seen, and he never really grew into his features, but a cat with more character I've never known. He was smart and wiley, and loved his family very much. He had a crippled ear from a nasty mite infection, and a snaggle-tooth from running into a basement support (after being scared by someone yelling BOO!) We always said he was like a dog in a cat suit, because he'd come when you called him. Like I said, character.

Last Friday, my sister noticed he hadn't been around much, and so went to find him. He was behind the toilet wheezing really hard. The vet said he had heart failure, and only large amounts of expensive drugs would prolong his life. He went to kitty heaven on Saturday afternoon, where I know he will have lots more adventures, but always have a warm bed to sleep in. He was 16 years old. Posted by Picasa

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