Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Took it like a champ

The Boy had his well-baby visit today, which was supposed to be his 12 month exam, but got pushed back for different reasons. He had several of his shots, which he took like a champ, and only cried a little. We decided to wait on the MMR and the chicken pox vaccine until he's a little older, and maybe never for the Chicken Pox, we'll see. But she did a finger prick test for lead and iron levels, which was quite the ordeal, and Isaac didn't like it one bit. It wasn't so much the pricking, the the holding his hand and squeezing of his finger the he could have done without ;)

But all is well, and, in case some of you were concerned, he's still HUGE! Check this out for stats. Here I thought he was getting to be more normal sized for his age group. guess not!

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Mainline Mom said...

My kid is still huge too but your kid is huger. My kid still doesn't walk yet either!