Monday, July 24, 2006

Overheard at my parents' house last weekend....

We (me, Terry, my sister, and my dad) were on our way out the door to see Dead Man's Chest. My dad sat his cell phone on the counter....

Dad (to mom): Call Redhead's phone if you need to get ahold of us because I'm leaving my cell phone here.

Mom: You want me to call your cell phone?

Dad: No, I want you to call Redhead's phone.

Mom: Why would I need to call Redhead?

Dad: In case there's an emergency, while we're at the theater.

Mom: Oh, I hate calling the theater because you can't ever get ahold of anyone, I always get the recording.

Dad (with diminishing patience): No...if there's an emergency, you need to call Redhead's phone.

Mom (with an eye roll in Terry's direction): I understood you the first time.

I couldn't even freaking type this without giggling the whole time. I love my folks, but they are notorious for these types of conversations. Love you Mom and Dad!

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