Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, I want a pop up trailer. I've been combing eBay for several weeks now for one within our price range (which isn't a lot). My frustration lies in that people have a incredibly inflated idea of what their beloved pop-up is worth. And no one else seems to know either, so they keep getting sold for more than they are worth, or the reserve is set too high so the seller won't go through with the sale.

And me, I have a mildly obsessive nature. I get hooked on an idea and I have a really hard time just letting it go. It may fade for a while, but it comes back eventually. I've wanted a pop-up for several years, but dear husband did not think it was necessary until a very hot weekend last summer when it was in the 90s, humid, pouring rain...and we were in a tent with an unhappy toddler. From behind my large, pregnant belly I said, "Imagine this with two kids." So, we set aside some of our tax return and are looking for a gently used pop-up. I have several months to find one, but I'm getting jaded and bitter. I was excited to find an acceptable one around here, but it was set at a Buy It Now/Best Offer price of $3000. I looked it up on NADA (which is like a blue-book listing) and it's worth all of $1600 at most. I offered $1700, but he declined, saying he was selling it for a friend. I told him his friend needed to re-evaluate what he thought that camper was worth.

I found one I really like, but it has the mystery reserve on it, and although the upper-end value of it is a little over $1800, I'm afraid they have the reserve set for higher than our price. I'll know on Tuesday. Keep you fingers crossed and say a little prayer for me, would you?


Susie said...

Oh, I will. I hope you get it, or an even better one, for less money.
Happy Mother's Day. Your babies are adorable :)

susan said...

Good luck on winning the auction at a good price...

Just curious, how do they deliver a camper? :)

mike said...

If the reserve is set too high, it can never hurt to message the seller afterwards and tell him/her what you're willing to pay.

That being said, this is the wrong time of the year to bid on camping equipment. If you can, use a tent this summer. Start looking for a camper in the fall/winter when they aren't in such high demand.

Redhead Mommy said...

I really don't want to tent camp with two small children. That being said, the thought has crossed my mind. ugh ugh ugh.

Most people who are selling campers insist that the buyer is responsible for pick up.