Thursday, June 21, 2007

Family Resemblence

 Most people think Lydia looks a lot like me. Every once in a while, the resemblence hits me. Like when I looked at these two pictures. The first is of me, the other of Lydia.

I have some pictures showing the similarities between Isaac and Terry, too. I'll have to dig them out.
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Michelle said...

Even your heads are shaped the same! Hi;arious. :) XOXO, Auntie Achelle

ieatcrayonz said...

Aw, she's getting so big! I can totally see the resemblance. I love comparisons like these. It's so fun trying to see if you and your kid could be twins.

mike said...

i know that "she/he looks just like you," is supposed to be a compliment (and she does), but I've always thought that babies look like babies. They're cure enough that they don't need the pressure of looking like mom or dad.